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Because you don’t know what you don’t know! 

Uncover Your Company’s Marketing Potential

cThru Media is dedicated to helping you understand the impact of your marketing plan. You invest hours and money in attracting new customers. Do you know effective those marketing strategies are?

With our transparent marketing evaluation assessments you get the insight you need to make decisions that can increase your customer base and reach your company’s goals.

Your Assessment Package

Choose from 10 marketing evaluation options from Social, Owned and Earned Media, and Internet marketing that your company is currently using or wants to use.

Marketing Evaluation Begins

Our team of expert marketers will evaluate your current marketing plans and create an assessment plan based on those findings. Get results in two weeks.

Evaluation Consultation

A trained marketing professional will review your assessment with you to explain our findings and actionable next steps you can implement. It’s that simple.

cThru Media Clarifies Your Path To Success

Let us provide proven marketing solutions, education, and strategic planning for your company. Our goal is to reduce wasted dollars, while generating the best advertising outcome.

Competitor and Market Research Analysis

Is your marketing plan reaching your target audience? Do you know what your competitors are doing to grab the attention of your customers? Our Competitor and Market Research Analysis can help you uncover new opportunities or save you marketing dollars that could be used elsewhere.

Website and Search Engine Optimization

You have a website, but do you know how many visitors it gets? Do you know if those users are buying products? Are people finding your website when they need your service? Our experienced SEO team will evaluate and make actionable recommendations to improve the organic reach of your website.

Social Media and Video Analysis

You’ve been told to create social media accounts for your company to attract new users. Do you know which ones are best for your customers? Are you converting these fans into lifelong customers? Our Social Media and Video analysis can reveal opportunities and wasted energy to help you focus your energy.

We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.

Customized Solutions

Choose the evaluation services that fit your need.  From Competitive Analysis and Market Research to SEO and Social we can help you find holes in your marketing efforts.

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Lift Back the Curtain

Find out how effective your marketing dollars have been. We’ll reveal areas your company is excelling out and reveal pain points and opportunities for you to capitalize on.

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Best Assessment Option

Don’t limit your success by not learning everything you can from these marketing assessment packages. Our bestselling package gets you everything you need for success.

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Experience Matters

Working with cThru media means you get access to some of the most talented marketers in the industry. Our team is Google Certified and passionate about helping businesses

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Fast Turn Around

Time is money, we get it, that’s why we guarantee that your assessment will be completed and returned to you in two weeks. Get started today for better performance tomorrow

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Our goal is to help you see how your marketing dollars and efforts are working for your company. No more guessing. No more wondering why. Get a clearer picture now.

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cThru Provides The Road To Success

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