Here are some common cThru Media FAQ’s.

Digital Assessments

How long do the assessment’s take?

Typically they will take under two weeks. Critical to the process is having the login information for social media sites and google analytics. This is the main reason there is a delay in delivery.

I’m not comfortable giving you my login and password information.

Understandable. This is why we sign a NDA so legally you know that your information will not be shared. Our mission is to provide a true assessment of where your company sits in the digital space. For that reason this information is critical.

What file-format should I submit?

We are able to fix issues identified and/or help develop a plan of attack. First it is most important that your company have a deep understanding of the issues and priorities going forward. cThru Media does have some parameters on companies we partner with. That said, we know the best online providers in the space to recommend if we are not able to accommodate your company.

What if I’ve lost my passwords or don’t have access to my google analytics?

Don’t worry! We’ve been down this road hundreds of times. We will help you find needed passwords and get all set up with analytics. If needed we can also speak to a former provider or webmaste

Digital Services

Does cThru Media help with ecommerce websites?

Yes. We have done extensive research on ecommerce platforms and set up scores of ecommerce sites. We will provide a guide to help you not only get set up, but also get visibility online for your site.

What do you recommend for online advertising budgets?

Every company is a little different. That said, the rule of thumb is to spend 3% – 7% of gross revenue on advertising efforts. Digital advertising may be 100% of that or 50% of that depending on the goals and audience you are trying to reach. Your investment must yield an ROI. For these reasons it is important to evaluate a whole plan from the desired ROI. It is easy to overspend and waste money. It is also easy to underspend and waste money.

How should I spend my online advertising dollars?

We will help! First it is important to understand how people use the internet. Simply put they 1.Search for things, products, services, reviews, information etc. 2. Surf content – read articles, blogs, watch video’s etc., 3. Socialize – use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and even Youtube. 4. Email. Email is used every day to send messages, content offers etc.

Each of these four – Search, Surf, Social and Email can be part of an overall strategy. The budget and goals will determine the platform priority. Keep in mind that the emotional state is different when engaging with each of these platforms.

It is important to start with a strategy. The strategy will include understanding how your business or service is searched for online. What keywords are driving customers to your website for example. Search marketing is always an important place to start because if consumers can’t find you it’s a zero sum game!

The internet provide many ways to target a desired audience by the content they are reading, what they have searched for online or sites they have visited. Display marketing typically couples well with search marketing to have exposure in front of your audience.

Social Media is becoming ever more important. Social Media platforms allow for the most direct targeting of audiences and have become a critical touchpoint in the consumer journey. The social media presence (i.e. your company facebook page), is also a critical piece of how you are viewed on line. Social Media pages allow for ongoing engagement with audiences, promotion of reviews and more.

Email Marketing is still critical. Every company should have an internal email list or develop one. Monthly newsletters are a way to stay in front of existing clients and drive referral business. 3rd party lists can be very powerful when integrated into an overall digital strategy.

The most important thing is to buy a strategy vs a product. Understand how each component will help you reach your goals. Understand how to measure each component in your plan.

How do I get page 1 placement on search engine pages?

Very hard question as there are many factors that can have a positive or negative influence. Done right improvements in SEO ranking should start showing in 3 months or less. But the keyword here is “start showing”. SEO should be an ongoing part of a digital strategy. SEO can be applied to websites but also videos. It is important to understand the difference between onsite seo (the structure of a website or video) and off site seo (establishing partners to link to your site, continual content pushed out that allows google to index your site, social sites, video pages etc.).

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