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Lead Generation Designed For Your Market

You don’t just want leads, you want qualified leads. That’s where cThru Media comes in.
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Lead Generation for The 21st Century

Gone are the days of door-to-door salesman and telemarketers harassing thousands of people in the hopes of converting one. Now is the age of data, automation, and precise targeting. Let cThru Media be your guide through the lead generation paradigm shift.

Lead Generation for B2B and B2C

Regardless if you are looking for businesses to employ your services or you are looking for customers to fill your calendar, lead generation is the name of the game. You want to reach people who are actively looking for your services. Using tools like paid search, social media, organic search, and our call center we are able to customize a plan to precisely target your potential customers.  This hyper focus on accuracy prevents you from wasting money while attracting the leads you need to grow your business.

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Who Ya Going To Call?

Call centers are still a valuable asset for lead generation. While technology has made it easier to get in front of the eyes of potential customers, nothing beats a personal touch. A warm, friendly voice can be exactly what your lead generation strategy is missing. We are very proud of the call center we have developed.

With a focus on perfecting call scripts, adhering to compliance issues, and providing measurable results we excel at lead generation.  

Call Center for Hire

What makes our call center different from others? We are glad you asked. Staying true to our transparent philosophy, this is what makes us, us.

Personal script development- not only do we create it, but we improve it until it’s the perfect group of words to peak the interest of your potential customers.

Customizable targeting– we create lists based on your target demographics

Adaptive programming- we review and adjust our strategy based on the results

Reporting- find out how many calls we’ve made for you and what those results were

Script ownership- after the project is complete we give you the script we used. Pass it on to your sales team to help them get the ball rolling

Multilingual services available

Our Team
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Lead Generation the cThru Media Way

cThru Media’s team have been helping companies attract leads for decades. We understand the need to get in front of customers and solve their problems before they have a chance to look for you. Using this philosophy and advanced technical software we are able to craft precise lead generation strategies to find these customers.

Our lead generation campaigns combine the gold standards of multiple disciplines. Using best practices we craft custom landing pages designed to convert, and convert users quickly. We simplify details and clearly direct the user to perform the desires action.

With a focus on perfecting call scripts, adhering to compliance issues, and providing measurable results we excel at lead generation.  

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Once a landing page has been created we tap into paid, social, and organic theories to drive traffic. Targeting the ideal customers we save money which then can be used to retarget uses who didn’t convert. These retargeting allows us to remain top of mind.

Finally, we test and improve our results. While we may be using the best technology and standards to create these lead generation strategies, people are fickle. We want to monitor, track, report, test, and repeat as we work on your campaign. This practice helps us refine and perfect lead generation for your company.

Kick Start Your Lead Generation

Don’t get in the way of your success. Contact us and learn why partnering with cThru Media for lead generation is the next best step for you. Our team of marketing experts will discuss your struggles and needs with you. Then we guide you through our past programs and how we can create a winning lead generation program for you in San Diego.

With a focus on perfecting call scripts, adhering to compliance issues, and providing measurable results we excel at lead generation.  

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