Refund Policy

cThru Media is dedicated to transparency in marketing and advertising. It is critically important to us that your company gain the value of our assessment packages. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your assessment package or other services provided by cThru Media, please call our Customer Care Team at (858)-848-0442.

Our Policy

  1. We offer a 48 hour grace period after purchase of our assessment package. Should you decide that this is not something your company can move forward with we will refund your investment in full.

  2. You have one week (7 days) to submit the Assessment survey so our team can get to work.
    We are happy to help you obtain passwords if this information is lost or unclear. We will not start work on the assessment packages until the assessment survey is completed and submitted.

  3. Assessment data and phone consultation will happen within two weeks of receiving the survey form.

  4. Assessment Package selections can be changed prior to survey form being filled out. Once survey form is submitted all additional assessment requests will be charged a la cart. Please check for rates.

  5. All consulting contracts, media campaigns or media purchases are non-refundable. Expectations will be agreed upon with official agreement signatures of both parties (cthru media and client) prior to campaign start date.

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